Merry Christmas

The Biggest Selection of European Christmas Ornaments in Canada. Traditional Polish Glass Balls, Hand Painted and Mouth Blown. Our Christmas Decorations are Made in Poland by Skilled Artisans. Every Single Piece of These Christmas Tree Ornaments is Unique. Polish Christmas Ornaments Have a Long Standing Tradition And Are Recognized All Over The World !

Galeria Bombek
Happy Holidays

Our Christmas glass balls are produced with traditional methods, all ornaments are mouth blown and hand painted. The finishing touches on a glass ornament is a process which consumes a lot of time and effort and we only import items that are created by skilled artisans (video here). So, the most beautiful glass Christmas ornaments, known as Polskie Bombki are hand made in Poland.
Every year we try to create exceptional place that sells glass ornaments and other Christmas decorations, hand made in Poland. Our aim is to promote Polish art on such a unique material as glass ornaments or wood. These glass ornaments are created with the hand of a Polish artists that have a certification of a Polish Ministry of Arts and Ethnographic Art.
We also have large selection of shaped glass ornaments like mushrooms, Santa Claus, bells, snowmans, nativity, tree tops, birds etc. All the ornaments are mouth blown, hand crafted, painted and decorated in Poland. Thanks to that we can not only guarantee their exquisitely detailed work and exceptional precision of the hand craft, but also the unique character of every single glass ornament. Each Christmas glass ornament is one of the kind, which makes them exceptional and exclusive.